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Common Sense Science
A revolutionary new physical model for elementary particles, the atom and the nucleus.
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Nonprofit educational foundation, founded by physicist Mani Bhaumik, which aims to disseminate the profound knowledge of science to the general public for the enrichment of their spiritual lives.
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Explores experimental approaches to mind-matter interactions. Covers physics, neurophysiology, transpersonal psychology, parapsychology, and more.
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Eric's TimeScience Pages
Offers theories on time sensing, autoadaptation, and more.
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Explains how material particles come into existence from dynamic metaphysical reality.
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Millennium Relativity
Introduces a new theory in relativistic physics that correlates classical and relativistic principles into a unified theory that replaces Einstein's special and general relativity theories.
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Synergy Physics: An Artist's Vision of the Beautiful Symmetry of Natural Law
Defines the concepts of body, mind, and soul in terms of fundamental physics constants. Proposes a new model of metaphysics.
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Transcendental Perspectivism
Outline of a new philosophy based on partnership, empowerment, and a mathematical physical theory of everything (quantum animism).
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Ultimate Theory of Everything
Attempt to develop a Theory of Everything from a geometrical basis. General Relativity and Quantum Uncertainty have shown that non-Euclidean space may yield curvature.
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Virtual Chaos
A theory of everything. Educates the public about common questions about science and the humanities.
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