Importance of studying Technological Sciences in the 21st century

Quest for a school

A week ago, I began my classes at a university in Yemen. Having been born and raised in Sana’a, I had a variety of universities and colleges to choose from that were in the vicinity of my home. That meant my campus education was not going to be far from my family. This was my plus as I did not have the task of finding accommodation in or around the school I picked.

My choice of school was simple. I wanted to be involved in the health development of our nation, and after doing my research online for the most suitable school. I found a school, located in Sana’a and which was also international accredited. A bachelor’s degree in Health and Society was exactly what I was looking for to achieve the life goals of being a health policy maker in Yemen.

School commences

Sitting in the classroom hall waiting for the lecturer to arrive, I decided to check some important emails that pertained to my class schedule. Up until that point I had never brought my laptop along with me to any of my classes. However, on this particular day, I decided to carry it as there were assignments I needed to submit and articles I was expected to complete. Thus since I usually arrived earlier than everyone else in my class, it made sense to have my laptop and use that time completing the assignments than day-dreaming or playing games on my phone (I am somewhat of a fanatic).

With my laptop, ready I went on to check my emails first. However, I had not carried my modem thus opted to use the school’s network. Furthermore, I had paid for the same. Clicking on the network icon, a series of networks available were listed. I found the school network and clicked on it to connect. As usual, a password was required. My next option was to head to the ICT department to acquire the password so that I could proceed with my work. Let me just first say that I had been using the internet for a very long time. Whether it was for leisure or for the part time writing job I did that required research on the internet.

That said, I cordially asked for the password only to be told that they needed my laptop so that they could configure it, to be able to access the school’s internet.

This, my friends, was what led me to write this piece. I have always understood the need for IT specialists in the world of technology, but I never thought that I would personally ever need their assistance. The truth was that I had taken my ability to access for granted. I figured that the computer would do everything if I clicked the right icon, as simple as that. Like many people, such as I, who take access to the internet for granted, I realized that this access had be:

set up
fixed by IT specialists

Technology and the 21st century

This got me thinking of the major role that information technology (IT) plays in the 21st century. A few years ago, having a computer was more or less a luxury. However, in this day and age, it is practically impossible to do most things without it. The mobile phones we use are basically modified computers; the new models are seemingly a replacement of desktop computers as well as laptops.

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