How a Realtor Can Sell Two to Three More Homes Monthly

This simple strategy can help you sell at least 2 to 3 more homes every month. This is no mystery. This is no magic formula it is just simply increasing the number of qualified buyers in your sales pipeline. I am sure you have had an open house, advertised a property for sale, put a yard sign out on a property you have listed and otherwise just marketed a home to receive lots of calls. I am sure when you receive those calls you ultimately want to build a relationship with the buyers and if they are not represented, you would like to represent them in their home search. As you pre-qualify them you want know if they are ready to buy now or when they will be ready to purchase a new home. I am not a Realtor Estate Agent or Broker but I am sure all agents and brokers know that most of these shoppers are not mortgage ready. Many R.E. professionals choose not to work with them until they are mortgage ready. This may be a very big missed opportunity.

In today’s financial climate the majority of non home owners do not have the credit score to qualify to purchase a new home. Many are close and just need to learn a few minor ideas to improve their credit profile. Many more need major work to become credit qualified. There is a common misconception that if you just pay your bills on time you will have a good credit score. The reality is that how you pay your bills only account for about 35% of your credit score. When you turn that around 65% of your credit score has nothing to do with how you pay your bills.

But lets assume the potential customer pays on time and all other factors line up so a customer should have an acceptable credit score. Recent Studies have shown that 4 out of 5 Americans have erroneous information on their credit reports. This means that the majority of your potential clients could have information on their reports to stop them from purchasing the home they otherwise can afford and would qualify for.

What about those who have had financial setbacks following “The Great Recession”? Loss of job, short sales, foreclosures, bankruptcies, medical bills, slow payments, collections, etc. This stuff is real! IT IS REAL LIFE! Yet, the consumer protection laws dictate how the information is reported and the burden of proof is really on the creditor. Even though the credit reporting agencies get the information from the creditors, consumers have the right to demand proof that the debt is truly theirs and is reported properly or the credit reporting agency must remove the information from the credit report.

So here is the simple strategy to easy allow Real Estate Agents to Sell 2 to 3 more homes per month. They should work with consumers who have less than perfect credit. You read that right. WORK WITH CLIENTS WITH POOR CREDIT. There is an abundance of these clients. If you set yourself apart and proactively work with them in 2 to 3 months you will see a dramatic increase in the number of homes you sell. Now I am not advocating you actually drive them around and show them houses. No, Not At All! They must be credit qualified before you show houses. But, if you develop a proactive program and establish a working relationship with a good reputable credit restoration company that you can refer these clients to, your business will definitely increase.

OK, you do the math. How many people do you talk to every week that do not qualify because of credit? Is it 10, 20, 30 or more? What if you could work with 10% to 20% of them conservatively. That means 1 to 5 new potential clients added to your pipeline every week. If every month you added 5 to 20 new clients that you otherwise would not have worked with as qualified buyers do you think you can sell 2 or 3 more homes each month.

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Advantages of 64-bit Computing

Few would dispute that the recent arrival of 64-bit processors in business and consumer PCs marks a significant milestone, but calling it a breakthrough is premature. More and more PCs are shipped with 64-bit processors and 64-bit Windows as the default operating system. As the price of memory continues to fall, it is more affordable to include large amounts of RAM to take advantage of the increased computing power 64-bit systems offer. However, that will have to wait until more critical applications are rewritten to exploit the new chips’ horsepower fully.

The ability to access much more memory lets 64-bit systems process more data per cycle. This in turn enables more scalable, higher performing computing configurations.4 It also allows for the development of more far more sophisticated models and software applications.

The expansion of 64-bit processors comes at a time when hardware prices continue to fall. Virtually all PCs have been shipping with multicore processors for some years now, and the price of RAM has gotten lower and lower. This means that very powerful desktops, servers, or clusters of multiple computers can be assembled relatively inexpensively, bringing what was once considered supercomputing power to the mainstream business audience.

As a result of these trends, High Performance Computing (HPC) systems are becoming commonplace. These HPC systems are clusters of multicore or multi-processor servers, running together in parallel processing to crunch more data, more frequently, and faster. Combined with HPC systems, 64-bit architecture represents an exponential improvement in performance for HPC systems.

64-bit computing also allows for more efficient multi-tasking, stress testing, data encryption, and other functions where 32-bit systems can fall short. And, 64-bit systems can support larger files more easily. For instance, a 4 GB file (which is not unusual) on a 32-bit system cannot be efficiently “mapped;” that is, only portions of the file can be accessed at a time, whereas with a 64-bit system, the entire file can be accessed at once.