Carbon Emissions Reduction

While we might all agree that greenhouse gas emissions need to be curtailed to prevent its adverse effects to the environment, ultimately, the government takes on a major role in initiating change in this aspect. Some are already moving in this direction, as in the United Kingdom a cap and trade carbon system has been introduced to force the largest consumers to cut back on their conventional methods and their output of these dangerous gases.

Also known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), the cap and trade carbon system is aimed at the largest carbon producers and has been recently introduced in the United Kingdom. Over a period of time a limit is to be placed on the amount of carbon emissions considered safe and each individual organization will have to trade allowances with the government to be able to emit carbon gases at all.

The British government has decided that approximately 5,000 companies in the country are major producers of greenhouse gases due to their consumption of energy. In two years time, every company shall be required to curtail carbon footprint, in compliance of the cap and trade carbon system. Those that do not, will find that they face an increasing cost as they purchase their carbon allowances and will also find that their underperformance will be communicated to society as a whole.

The Carbon Reduction Commitment has set goals of reducing the overall level of emissions each year up until 2050, by which time the intention is that carbon emissions will have been reduced by 80%. It is felt that this kind of aggressive action is necessary to ensure that even more serious and potentially devastating damage to our environment and climate is contained.

Carbon Catcher is a new service designed and offered by RCE Services UK Ltd, an electrical contractor for the industrial and commercial sectors based in Leeds. They are here to help your business with your carbon reduction commitment by reducing your energy usage and assist with investigating low energy options in more depth for your company.

This is a unique service for the commercial and industrial sectors designed to help your company reduce your carbon footprint, managing down your emissions on an ongoing basis and most importantly your bills.

The Carbon Catcher service is able to offer a bespoke energy reduction consultancy service carefully taking you through every step of the way to reduce your energy consumption. This will include a site visit to carry out a survey, a personalised report specifically for your business, potential funding to help with your project, and lastly installation and after care experience. Their aim is to ensure a high quality service that you are sure to want to recommend to others with minimum hassle and maximum savings for your business.