Medical Technology Training

There are a lot of choices when it comes to health care education, and one of the most interesting would have to be medical technology training. The best medical technology schools across the US and Canada will be approved by national accrediting agencies. Only accredited schools are fully qualified to help you learn to be a certified medical technologist.

Medical technology schools can teach you all of the skills and professional methods used in the laboratory by professionals. You will gain much experience using modern laboratory equipment such as microscopes, cell counters and other lab equipment and learn to identify abnormal cells in tissue samples and blood specimens. You will learn to recognize cancerous cells and to relate your findings to pathologists or other medical professionals.

Training in medical technology is readily available in hospitals and medical schools, or you can earn an Associate degree (AS) at a community college, vocational or trade school. The AS degree will be the first step that will qualify you to enter a bachelor degree program (BS) to complete your training. To be employed as a medical technologist almost always requires a minimum of a bachelor degree with a major in medical technology or one of the life sciences, as well as certification from a nationally accredited agency, such as American Medical Technologists (AMT).

In short, a community college, hospital or trade school will be a great place to start your education and obtain your AS or even your BS degree in medical technology. You will find trade schools, vocational schools and even some online schools offering good undergraduate programs and excellent entry-level health care training.