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Center for Nonlinear Science at Portland State University
Portland, Oregon. Research interests include chemical dynamics, chemical instabilities, chemical chaos, biological and biophysical chemistry, and some environmental chemistry.
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JPL Molecular Spectroscopy
Database which has an extensive library including programs for fitting spectra and spectral line files for a large number of molecules. Use requires knowledge of spectroscopy and quantum mechanics.
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Lund University (Sweden) - Physical Chemistry 2
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Mathtrek Systems - EQS4WIN
PC-Windows software to assist in the calculation of equilibrium concentrations for five compounds and two elements (demonstration version.) Both Contains the JANAF thermochemical database. Also links to related tutorials.
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Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Physical Chemistry
Offers pictures of the academy, contact information, history, laboratory and educational services.
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physical sciences information gateway set up to provide resources for students, researchers, and practitioners in the areas of astronomy, chemistry, earth sciences, physics, and science history/policy.
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Surface Tension Data
Surface tension values of some common test liquids for surface energy analysis.
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Table of the Nuclides
Map of all known nuclides. Horizontal rows representing one element; with colored dots indicating the known isotopes of that element. A vertical column represents the nuclides with same neutron numbers.
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United Kingdom Surface Analysis Forum
The surface analysis forum is for scientists from academia and industry with a common interest in electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis and surface science in general.
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