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A Brief History of Temperature Measurement
The biographies of 7 scientists who contributed to the subject of temperature measurements. A table of some significant temperatures is presented.
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A Concise History of Thermodynamics
An overview of the history/evolution of thermodynamics. This is an excerpt from a biography of J. Willard Gibbs. The overview is available from the site in MS Word or pdf/Acrobat format.
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Gas viscosity
Low temperature behavior of gases. Therminology and short explanations.
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Handbook of thermodynamics and heat transfer
The information on thermodynamics, the properties of fluids and three modes of heat transfer is presented.
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Heat engines
Rankine, Striling, Brayton, Kalina cycle engines description
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Ideal Bose gas
physics of matter that has been cooled to near absolute zero
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The laws of thermodynamics and the thermodynamic origin of refrigerator.
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Statistical physics
History of statistical physics and kinetic theory development.
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Superfluidity of helium
The question 'what is superfluidity?' is answered on example of Helium. The physics of this condition, history of discovering are also presented.
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The world of thermodynamics
the basic terms of thermodynamics, kinetic theory and three thermodynamics laws.
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