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American Association of Academic Researchers (ASAR)
nonprofit organization dedicated toward using the Internet as a tool for the collection of research data for college students and faculty.
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Beyond Discovery: The Path From Research to Human Benefit
a project of the National Academy of Sciences which identifies and traces, through case studies, the origins of important recent technological and medical advances.
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German Research Network (DFN) links up scientists in a national communications infrastructure based on manufacturer-independent standards and with transitions into the public data network and into international science networks.
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IRC Semiconductors
research in the areas of optoelectronic and advanced electronic devices for current and future applications in communications, computing and microwave systems.
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NASA Life Sciences Data Archive
provides a description of every life sciences experiment performed in space during the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Shuttle, and NASA-Mir programs.
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Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information Services
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Research Administrators Certification Council
certifies that an individual, through experience and testing, has the fundamental knowledge necessary to be a professional research or sponsored programs administrator.
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provides technical resources and information on science, social science, medical technology, scientific instruments, and laboratory supplies.
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features 12 stations addressing topics from cosmology, human society, ecology, and the building blocks of life. Includes excerpts from the Max-Planck-Society's Research Perspectives 2000+ publication.
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Slovenian Current Research Information System
SICRIS information system. Includes database of Slovenian researchers, organizations, groups, and projects. Also in Slovene.
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